C2C Conversaciones a forum to advance the social and solidarity economy

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The second edition of C2C Conversations , a forum to promote the social and solidarity economic fabric and a state meeting of promoters of Social and Solidarity Economy, will be held in Madrid on 15 and 16 February.

It is a forum promoted by the Alternative and Solidarity Economy Network of Madrid and other Social and Solidarity Economy organizations that are part of the REAS Network, in a context of growing visibility and measures to support this economy , in the one that its promoters consider necessary to stop to look at how, with whom and for what things are being done. A forum for professionals, activists and organizations that develop actions to promote and accompany Social Economy and Solidarity initiatives.

Throughout four sessions, they will work in four areas of work that will be coordinated by people and organizations of reference in each one of them and are the result of an accumulated reflection on the part of the promoter organizations to be able to advance on the main challenges and blockages that they detect in their practices.


Analyze and discuss the transformation of companies to the ESS; the financing and scalability of the projects, the creation of models of initiatives linked to people who work in precariousness and how collective work can improve their conditions, and advance on entrepreneurial models.