Mayor of Porcuna pleads for a PP provincial president "full time, not in heights or in the distance"



Miguel Moreno (c), junto a alcaldes y concejales del PP en la provincia.

Miguel Moreno (c), along with mayors and councilors of the PP in the province. EUROPE PRESS

In this sense, the mayor of the aforementioned municipality has highlighted his commitment to “provincialize” the training through a process of “renewal, democratization and, above all, support for the municipalities” and closer contact with citizens.

He has highlighted the journalists at the gates of the Provincial Council, where he has appeared along with a fortnight of “around 18 or 19” popular “mayors who support him, of the 25 with which the PP in the territory has jiennense. To the thread, it has expressed the “enormous joy” of being “wrapped” by “the majority of mayors of the PP in the province”, at the time that has alluded to the endorsement of “about 200 public positions” between these, councilmen and deputies.

Moreno, who has vindicated the work in local corporations, where he knows “what it is to face” and be with the neighbors “every day” in many cases with little retribution, has wanted to explain the reason why it has been now when he has decided to present himself to the provincial congress, which will probably be held in May: for the current “change of political cycle” that should be used in “political formations where it is preached that there really is an internal democracy, as is our party”.

Thus and although he has considered that “things have been done reasonably well in this time”, he has indicated as “main pillars” of his project “renewal, democratization and, above all, support for the municipalities”. It has affected, yes, that it is not “a ‘take off to put me'”, but “the participation of members is real and can participate in those relevant decisions of the party.”

In his opinion, once this renewal has taken place, they will be “ready to help those who need it most: the councilors and mayors”. “They are our best ambassadors and those who really know the problems of neighbors and sometimes we feel unprotected, without support, without means without advice or training, this deteriorates local structures, sometimes even disappear,” he said to give as an example Cambil, Escañuela, Arjonilla or Chilluévar.

In this sense, he stressed that the intention is to “provincialize the PP”, point where he has clarified that they will not “forget the capital”, but you can not “be so capital and forget the sierra, El Condado , La Campiña … where so many people need us “. He has defended to take “that quota” because its objective is also “to obtain the government of the Diputación”, where “the PSOE takes 38 years thanks to the towns, to which the local governments obtain”.


On the current provincial president of the party and candidate for re-election, José Enrique Fernández de Moya, Moreno has expressed all his respect and, asked about the possible incompatibility to repeat in the position given his status as Secretary of State for Finance, has explained that article nine of the statutes “is very clear” about that incompatibility, although “then it is true that in article ten there is an exception”.

“But an exception, in my humble opinion, can not be applied with a general character, there will be something to motivate that exception, that general interest of the party, and if that is the case, as always, I will abide by the decisions of the party,” said Moreno. Along with this and questioned by the approval of the national leadership, as indicated by Fernandez de Moya on Monday, he considered that if he says it “it will be like that”, although he has advocated letting things “be resolved by the competent bodies”, since “anticipate” can be “risky”.

In any case, has expressed confidence that the “apparatus” PP jiennense “remain neutral” and “respect the channels and the legitimate decision of any affiliate.” In this way, he is “sure that the party will act with the greatest transparency, serenity and normality” to launch the congrending process in which they will “go to the end” and without “mortgages” to achieve “a complete renovation. “

Also to questions from the journalists has been pronounced on the possibility that the time that takes to the front of the PP of Porcuna could be an obstacle and this after Fernandez de Moya affirmed that “a person who has been presiding over 20 years a local structure since 1997 knows that he can not be a candidate for anything. “


He has specified that he is president of the group since 2001, “after being elected provincial president” for the first time, although he has not given “any importance” to this “error”. On the other hand, he has been “very proud” of this position “for the fruits he has given” both in the internal part of the party and in the life of the municipality.

In the first case, he highlighted that they have “known how to renew and conjugate the past with the present and future” and in 17 years they have not “left any political corpse behind”, since the changes have been made, “as San Juan said of the Cross, with soft hand and delicate touch “. With regard to the “successes” in the locality, it has valued the passage of “one of the most indebted municipalities” to one of “the few ones in Spain and the only one in Jaén of more than 5,000 that will present a living debt of zero” .

To this has added the suppliers payment “in ten or twelve days”, compliance with the Budget Stability Law or approval of the budget with “character prior to its exercise, as established by law.” “That is the example, I think it is the model we want to transfer to the rest of the municipalities of the province,” he said.